Locating and reporting on absconding debtors

The experience we have gained from working with Solicitors, Barristers, Accountants along with our other commercial clients, Registered Social landlords and Governmental bodies has enabled us to develop an alternative approach to the tracing of debtors.

Wherever possible a report will contain all the legitimate information that is available on the subject, as well as our recommendations for the best course of action. All trace reports are split into the following sections:

I.D. Verification
Who is the correct legal entity? If the subject is a trading company, who are the proprietors? If it is an individual, we will confirm that the debtor exists, and any alias they may be using.

Address Verification

Previous and current addresses will be checked.

Where we are able to identify the current whereabouts of your debtor, their current address and postcode will be provided. Occasionally, a telephone number will be found for the subject, and will be passed on to our client.

Financial Status
We will examine the subjects’ current and historic financial commitments, and check if there is any adverse Credit History. We will ascertain if the debtor has any previous or current County Court Judgments (CCJs), is subject to a DRO, an IVA, CVA or is or has been the subject to a Bankruptcy order.

Recommendation: In addition, each report carries our impartial recommendation as to the best course of action. This recommendation is based on our findings during the course of our investigations and will assist you in deciding the most efficient way to progress the collection process.

  • Positive Trace reports are charged at £50 + VAT each.
  • Negative Trace reports are provided free of charge.

How to instruct us

We can be instructed by fax or email, whichever format is easiest for you. What we require are the subject’s full name, date of birth and last known address. In the case of joint tenancies please provide the partners’ full details. What we do not require are the subjects’ National Insurance number or Passport details.

To instruct us, download and complete the instruction form and return it to us. Click to download.