Debt Collection

Collecting the money that is owed to you

Collection is offered on a commission only basis. The commission rates are based on the age of the debt when we are instructed, and are only payable on a successful resolution.

Collection Policy
It is our policy to attempt to collect debts using only ethical and moral methods bearing in mind at all times our clients’ reputation.

We work particularly closely with Barristers’ Chambers, Housing Associations and Veterinary Practices

Commission Rates
The commission rates for successful resolution, including collections and or the identification of previously paid invoices, are printed on the WCR Collection Instruction Form.


1)       Initial contact:
Unless specified otherwise, initial contact with debtors is made by way of a letter, a copy of which will be sent to the client.

2)       Subsequent actions:
These can include additional letters and/or telephone collections. These are undertaken only by and with the agreement of our client.

3)       Settlement of monies collected:
We believe that it is our job to facilitate the recovery of the clients money. Consequently, unlike other collection agencies we can arrange, where appropriate, for all monies to be paid directly to the client.

How to instruct us

It is our belief that our collections team should be seen as an extension of the clients’ own in-house team. Consequently, it is extremely simple to instruct us. All that we require, apart from a signed Collection Instruction form is the debtor’s details (Name, Address, Telephone No and amount outstanding) and relevant details of the debt. The details can be supplied in any format, however the majority of our clients prefer to instruct us by email in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Prior to receiving a clients first instructions, it is our Policy that they speak to either David, Mel or Sandra. This ensures that we are aware of any specific collection and/or reporting requirements that you may have.

To instruct us, download and complete the instruction form and return it to us.

Collection Instruction Form

Terms & Conditions