Case Studies

Selwood Housing Case Study

How effective can a Self Administered Debt collection letter system be?

The problem

Selwood Housing, like the majority of Registered Social Landlords (RSL), has a problem with tenants not paying for work carried out on their property. While their lease states that any work carried out will be charged for, the tenants will often ignore the invoice knowing that they cannot be evicted for not paying these charges.

The solution

Selwood were referred to WCR by Doncaster MBC, as they had found that by using WCR Self-Administered third party debt collection letters, they had improved the collection of current arrears. They discovered that as they did not have to pay commission on any monies collected, the letter system proved to be extremely cost effective.

The result

On 21 October 2011 we received the following testimonial from Paul Jeffery, Sundry Debt Collector:

“I have now concluded my monitoring of your letters.

Out of my 300+ cases I have 67 agreements in place, 26 of these agreements were directly made in response to a client receiving one of your letters.

Since June when I starting monitoring the response rate from your letters I have had over 20 responses and out of those responses 12 clients have made agreements to pay, and 1 client cleared in full.

As you can see this is a pretty good result as over 50% of responses have resulted in agreements to pay or payment in full  and approx 30% of my total agreements are as a result of your letters.”